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Adorning the body with henna has been a custom in many countries for thousands of years. A traditional remedy for skin conditions and cooling the body in hot weather, Henna is also a fascinating and beautiful way to decorate the skin.  

The application of Henna is completely natural, non-permanent, painless and without any side-effects. While traditionally it had largely been the ornamental preserve of the ladies, men are increasingly finding it a better alternative to permanent tattoos.

Henna is Painless temporary tattoos. Cutting edge.. Cool.. Painless.. Fun.. No needles.., just a natural paste. What was in this month might be out the next, so with Mehendi a lifetime commitment (like real tattoos) is not necessary as the designs fade within a 1-4 weeks.

We are the leading Henna Tattoo Artists, with a unique creativity, years of experience and skills developed in India. We cater to Individuals, Groups and Companies and for all occasions like Bridal Henna, Mehendi Nights, Corporate events, Company fun days, Marriages, Birthday Parties, Festivals, Crafts Day, Ceremonies or any special celebrations to make the moment enjoyable and memorable.  

We Specialise in -


Traditional Indian Designs

~ Bridal Designs


Arabic Designs

~ Necklace tattoos


Ornamental tattoos

~ Navel tattoos


Designers mehendi

~ Anklet tattoos

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