Henna by Hetal

The creative world of Henna and body art

What is Henna.

Henna Plant Description

Henna also know as Mehndi in India is medium sized shrub that sometimes takes a tree like shape and growth.It has many angled branches with opposite sharp pointed leaves.

Henna/Mehndi Flowers are small, white or pink in color, fragrant and grow in large bunches at the top of the shrub.Henna/Mehndi Fruit is pea sized, small and round. It has many seeds.

Farming of Mehndi

The propagation of Henna/Mehndi is done through stem cuttings. Cuttings of henna are planted in June when the monsoons are about to arrive. The plant requires good water and fertilizer supply to grow. It can withstand high temperatures. Leaves are plucked thrice a year - May-June, August-September and December-January. The quality of leaves is very high initially and deteriorates with every picking.

Processing of Mehndi

Premium quality Henna/Mehndi leaves are selected, cleaned and dried in shade. If the leaves are very dry, the powder obtained would be fine and will give a stronger shade of mehndi. Impurities like roots, sand, dust, weeds etc. make the quality of the powder inferior. Quality is also affected if the leaves are powdered before they are completely dry.

Is Henna Safe?

Yes. Henna is a safe and natural dye that has been traditionally used by women throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India for thousands of years.

Can I Have a Henna tattoo if I am Pregnant? 

Yes, there is no reason why you can’t have a Henna Tattoo while you are pregnant. 

What colors of henna do you have? 

Henna is a natural plant dye, which stains an orange-brown color. Some people call other temporary body art “henna”, but true henna is from the henna plant (latin name: lawsonia inermis). Henna is never, ever black. 

What is in your henna paste?

My henna paste is made with henna power with 100% natural oils. A simple recipe made only with lemon juice or even just with water is always an option. 

How long will it last?

Henna will last until the skin it dyes Exfoliates. This is typically 1-3 weeks. However, henna can last as long as 8 weeks on the thick soles of your feet, or go away as quickly as 3-4 days on very thin parts of your skin (like your face).  

Is henna a tattoo? Does it hurt? No.

Henna tatoos are Pain free. No needles are used. Henna is painted onto the skin. Having henna applied feels like having your skin decorated with pudding. The process is relaxing and pleasant.